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About Traveling with Kids

By Victoria Harding

traveling with kids

Traveling with kids can be less than a pleasant trip, especially with young kids. It is always a better idea to map out a plan and be prepared for any situation, especially on airplanes!

When traveling on airplanes, keep these simple things in mind. When with small children, curbside check-in is a very helpful service, carrying luggage and kids can become stressful in a confusing airport. When boarding the plane, the friendly offer to board first doesn't always help, taking advantage of those last available moments for your kids to run around, just may make your flight a little more calm.

If your traveling with your spouse, one can board early and prepare the seats, food, diapers, etc., while the other runs around helping the kids exert that extra energy. Always use appropriate child-restraint systems while flying, especially with kids under 40 pounds. When making reservations ask for the bulkhead seats (first row), these offer more leg room and floor space. These seats can be great, but they can also be a burden. Airlines generally tend to give these seats to the disabled and elderly, but with a special request you can dominate these seats. Nursing moms may prefer the privacy of a window seat. Most parents prefer to have connecting flights. This enables the parent to give there child time to run around and exert some of that energy. Most airlines allow you to pre-order children's meals but it is always a good idea to bring your own snacks.

What should you carry on?
It's always smart to bring an extra change of traveling clothes in case of any messy spills. Always bring a sweatshirt, airplanes can be cool, also surprise games and toys are always a nice helper. Most people wonder what to do about the change in air pressure. Babies should suck on a bottle or pacifier during take off and landing, this will alleviate the pain. Older kids should suck on juice or chew gum.

  • Try to spend some time alone with each child.
  • Plan a few games for car or plane, restaurant, and rainy days.
  • Have an "art pack." This can be as simple as a folder with colored paper, postcards, and colored pencils for the car or restaurant to quite elaborate for the motel room. Make certain they know ahead of time which is which to avoid whining and nagging.
  • Have rainy day plans. If you are spending a rainy day in a motel room, plan a party. You can make the better part of the day fun, rather than disappointing.

    Next time your family travels, keep these tips in mind and you can ensure a more pleasant trip for both the parents and kids.

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