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About St. Johns Concordia Eco-Tents

By Victoria Harding

Concordia Eco-Tens

Need a rest? Want to adventure and escape from the stress of the city and work? Wishing for a break from everyday havoc? Visit the tropical paradise of the Caribbean. Visit three very different getaways on three very different islands: St. John, St. Barts, and Nevis. All three islands are very private and charming, but for the most secluded getaway, try Concordia. Concordia is a private getaway on St.John's Island.

Offering quiet bungalows / eco-tents with their own kitchens, patios, and sometimes private pools. If it's a peaceful vacation for two or maybe alone that is wanted, one has the option of never seeing a single soul.

When waking up in the morning, your eyes open up to a sunny blue sky, rugged green hillsides, crystal clear water, and fresh air. Visit beaches so secluded that nude sunbathing is permitted on your own will.

Complete with 3 room tents elaborately decorated in an island paradise. Each tent looks over a private beach. When it comes time to eat, Concordia suggests buying your own groceries, since Concordia is at the most remote point of the island. The rental of a jeep is essential if one wishes to come and go from the resort.

The Concordia eco-tents are sort of a laboratory for ecoturism. So water for showers is monitored, but generally guests never have to use a lot of water when bathing at Concordia.

The public bus stops on the main road, giving you a chance to explore a few of the island's sites located along the main route to Cruz Bay. A car rented in Cruz Bay, some 40 minutes away, definitely offers you more convenience.

There is lots to explore in the immediate area. Salt Pond Bay with its great snorkeling and hikes to the see-forever-view at Ram's Head are a short hike along the paved roadway. If you start early before the sun gets too hot, you can trek off several miles to Lameshur Bay, a trip perfect for those hearty folks who don't mind hiking back uphill. The hike rewards you with two lovely bays and the ruins of an old plantation to explore. Several hiking trails start from this area.

A vacation at Concordia Eco-tents is perfect for independent folks who enjoy participating in cutting edge environmental technology and really want to get away from it all.

For a relaxing, secluded getaway for the tense business man or women, Concordia's beautiful resort is the perfect cure!

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