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About the Caribbean

By Victoria Harding


When one thinks of the Caribbean, one scene often comes to mind, white sand beaches, clear waters, palm trees and that one person that completes the scene. The fantasy vacation of the Caribbean can be easily yours, along with the wonderful activities it offers. If you love to scuba dive and snorkel, exploring the amazing reefs and dramatic wrecks in a warm underwater world is just for you. For the nature lovers, the Caribbean offers a lush, mountain rain forest. For the women or man who loves to indulge themselves in lavish spa treatments, the luxuries offered are beyond compare.

Ripe with fertile rain forests, mysterious reefs, and sun-kissed beaches the Caribbean is a dream come true. Take your pick of Islands complete with miles of white sand beaches where only a single set of footprints can be found, yours! For the underwater lovers, Bonaire and the Cayman Islands are good choices. Bonaire is surrounded by a marine park and many beautiful reefs just waiting to be explored. Bonaire also offers guided tours for those who prefer snorkeling. Remember to bring your head above water for a moment to enjoy the island's flamingo population. The Cayman Islands are also a gold mine for an underwater paradise. Swim with undulating rays that will love to eat from your hand.

Along with amazing underwater worlds, the Caribbean homes amazing rain forests. Loose yourself in the wilds of a tropical rain forest. Dominica, Jamaica, or Grenada are all destinations of lush, fresh rain forests. Grenada has a special feature called the Concord Falls. The three-tired waterfall is paradise for hikers, and after a nice long hike, nothing is more refreshing than plunging into a natural waterfall.

After a full day of exploring, nothing is better than the relaxation of a spa. Pamper yourself with massages, facials, salt loofah rubs and aroma therapy.

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    Also visit the abundance of luxury resorts the Caribbean offers. Here are just a couple out of the many resorts: Four Seasons Resort Nevis / Malliouhana

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