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About Emergency Medical Treatment While Traveling

By Victoria Harding

Emergency Medicine for Travelers

When traveling it's important that one has the proper medical insurance. If you leave home unprotected, a medical emergency can easily get you into serious financial trouble. Most Americans think that if they have medical insurance in the states, then they will be covered over seas. this is not usually the case. Always check your plan before traveling. But even if your health plan covers traveling, it's most likely that they don't cover emergency medical help.

Traveling medical insurance, is a lot different from trip cancellation insurance, which just reimburses you for the cost of the trip. Trip cancellation insurance is a good idea for expensive trips, but it doesn't cover the cost of emergency medical treatment required by injury or illness while on your trip.

It is important to have a comprehensive travel medical insurance policy that covers needed emergency medical treatment. This includes the cost of evacuation back to the United States. This also includes when traveling on a cruse, because most packages do not include medical insurance.

You are able to purchase comprehensive travel insurance which includes medical. Most policies are offered for 14 day trips and range from $35 to $70 dollars.

Be sure to read your policy carefully so that you get the proper care for your money. This is just another easy way to insure you a safe and fun trip.

If you are a US citizen living abroad traditional sources of US private medical insurance will not meet your needs. Geographical exclusions and provider limitations common to these policies will restrict or even eliminate the coverage available to you while you are outside the US. At the same time, you may not be eligible for participation in the government sponsored plans in the country where you reside. Or you may wish to have access to medical care in other countries, including the US, in the event you become seriously ill.

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