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About Duty Free Shops

By Victoria Harding

Duty Free Shopping

Before, during, or after a trip, travelers often stop and do some duty free shopping. Duty free shopping has become the single most valuable source of income for many airports. In some airports, duty free stores only offer a limited selection of cigarettes and liquor and they manage to stay closed more often than open. Also, the merchandise sold at these stores isn't cheap however for the informed traveler, duty free shopping can offer many bargains.

Here are three rules to keep in mind about duty free shopping.

1. Remember that in certain countries duty free shopping doesn't mean anything, for example in Hong Kong, there is no use for them because the entire country is already duty free.

2. Put together your shopping list before you go home or leave home, then compare the prices of duty free shopping and shopping in local stores.

3. Your best bet when shopping duty free, are usually the items heavily taxed in the states such as: cigarettes, liquor, perfumes, and some high-end jewelry and watches.

Now the next time duty free catches your eye, think twice about whether or not your really saving money.

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