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About Business Travel Security

By Victoria Harding

business travel security

When traveling on business, loose lips may get you and your company in trouble. In this day and electronic age, even the walls have ears, and although one can be unaware that someone is listening, you never know. Letting an accidental bit of information slip or a misplaced fax, could be all that it takes to make a rival's day. Chatting with a business colleague on an airplane or a shuttle bus could be the cause of a company downfall.

Here are some rules of the road that could help prevent a business disaster.

BE CAREFUL about what is said in airplanes, terminals, and bars where local competitors might over hear. Being careful may entail lowering your voice or not touching certain subjects. Also BE AWARE at how you handle computer files. Exposing your lap top screen on airplanes is an open ticket for peering eyes. BE ON GUARD at all times, particularly at trade shows and conferences. Avoid discussing crucial information on new products and pricing. Also it may help to screen your executive's talks.

BE CAUTIOUS when talking business on pay phones, and that goes double for cell phones. It is known that there is absolutely no privacy over cell phones. Never let your lap top out of your sight, and it is always a good idea to label your computer and carrying case. If your hard drive holds important files, purchase a cable lock or security software that allows you to keep an eye on your computer at all regular intervals.

Don't travel with more company documents that is necessary and don't expose anything in public. Make it a habit to check your surroundings before perusing your documents.

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