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About Travel with Pets

By Victoria Harding

travel with pets

When traveling with pets, owners always worry. How nice would it be to fly at ease knowing your pets are comfortable and happy and are going to reach your destination safely and in good health. There are many things one can do in order to insure the health and safety of your pets when traveling. Airlines are required to treat the animals with the appropriate care, but here are some things the owner can do in order to rest assured a safe flight.

Before arriving to the airport, give the airline a call and find out the health requirements of the destination your pet is traveling to. Also consult a Veterinarian to make sure your pet is able to fly. Then find the best and approved carrier for your pets. If the carrier is small enough to fit under the seat, airlines will allow you to bring your pet on board given you follow two very important rules. First, only one pet is usually allowed per cabin. Second, you must keep your pet in the carrier at all times.

Never sedate your pet. A sedated animal may not be able to properly react to the movements of loading, unloading, take off and landing and this could cause injury. Also never over feed your pet. The law requires that you feed your pet four hours prior to check in, also attach a food and water dish inside the kennel and before loading, fill the water dish with ice cubes. Having a current health certificate is mandatory and airlines tend to stick to this rule pretty hard.

When traveling with pets, try to book a direct flight to your destination. If this is not possible, alert a flight attendant that your pet is in the cargo and ask if you can watch your pet being loaded.

Traveling with pets can be easy and relaxing if you do it right. By following these simple steps suggested you can rest easy knowing that your pet is just as comfortable as you.

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