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About Molokai

By Victoria Harding

Molokai sits between the islands of Oahu and Maui. It is 38 miles long and 10 miles wide. Created by three volcanoes that mark it's geographic regions. Paopahku Beach forms one of the largest white-sand beaches in the state.


  • This is a 42-acre habitat houses dozens of coastal and sea birds. It also includes a 15-acre freshwater pond.


  • This is a small grove located behind the islands only high school. It's 70-year-old macadamia nut trees are open and welcoming to visitors for tours and tastings.


  • For information on camping at Molokai Ranch, call the Outfitters Center at 552-2741.


  • Molokai Fish and Dive Corporation 553-5926
  • Bill Kapuni's Snorkeland Dive Adventure 553-9867


  • Ironwood Hills Golf Course 567-6000
  • Kaluakoi Golf Club 552-2741


  • Molokai Ranch 552-2741
  • Pelekunu Trail
  • Wailau Trail 558-8113
  • Kalaupapa Trail 567-6171
  • Halaua Valley Trail


  • Pau Hana Inn 553-5342 Molokai's oldest hotel, it offers a lovely view across the Kalohi Channel to Lanai.
  • Hotel Molokai 800-423-6656 This hotel features a lovely lawn with coconut trees, a pool next to the shore, restaurant-lounge, and thatch pavilions.
  • Kamalo Plantation Bed and Breakfast 558-8236 Great place if you long for privacy.
  • Ke Nani Kai 800-888-2791
  • Paniolo Hale 800-367-2984


  • Banyan Tree Terrace Restaurant 553-5342
  • Holo Holo Kai Restaurant 553-5347
  • Kualaopuu Cook House 567-6185
  • Jojo's Cafe 552-2803

    While the rest of Hawaii grew up, the Island of Molokai grew roots. Roads are few and generally empty. The island clings to tradition. Its small population prefers to live by raising crops, catching fish and adhering to the old ways.

    Molokai isn't merely a lovely island, it's the only island for those who what to experience something besides commercial luau, fancy shops, big resorts and the company of tourists. Instead, discover serenity, empty beaches and untamed outdoor beauty.

    In short, you'll experience a place where you can look inward as much as outward. You will also find the Hawaiian culture, which is woven into the fabric of everyday life. Though Molokai isn't sophisticated when it comes to tourism, it offers a wide range of places to stay and things to do.

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