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About Maui

By Victoria Harding

Maui, Hawaii

Maui is Hawaii's second largest island, but the most visited by travelers. Maui owns one of the world's largest dormant volcanoes. Maui is also the breeding ground for rare humpback whales. Stretching 729 square miles, Maui offers exciting adventures, shopping, eating, and fun for the whole family.

Kahului doesn't offer much to the sightseer, but it is the embarkation point for Maui's sugar and pineapple crops, this town has a commercial but homey feel about it. While driving down Kaahumanu Avenue (Route 32), wander through Kanaha Pond Wildlife Sanctuary. Once a royal fish pond, it is now an important bird refuge. Also visit Maui Zoological and Botanical Gardens 243-7337. This Zoo, which is great for kids, features wild boars, feral goats, tropical birds, ostriches, ducks, geese, and monkeys. In the botanical section, one will be able to find colorful Hawaiian plants.

Lahaina is Maui's most historic town, also the most visited by travelers. Lahaina is a waterfront enclave that stretches for over two miles along a natural harbor. Some great places to visit are:

  • Alexander and Baldwin Sugar Museum 871-8058 Here you can get an introduction to Hawaii's main crop, also trace the history of sugar cultivation in the islands. This museum portrays everything from early life in the cane fields to contemporary methods for producing refined sugar.
  • Maui Tropical Plantation 244-7643 This is a 120-acre enclave with orchards and groves displaying dozens of island fruit plants.
  • Sugar Cane Train 661-0089


    The skindiving and scuba diving in Maui is about as good as it gets. Try an adventure under the sea in day dives and night dives. For information and rentals:

  • Extended Horizons 667-0611
  • Destination Pacific 669-3117
  • Lahaina Divers Inc. 661-4505

    Two very hard sports, but easy to master in beautiful Maui. For information and rentals:

  • Maui Surfing School 875-0625
  • Maui Windsurfing Company 877-4816
  • Kaanapali Windsurfing School 667-1964

    Wanting a change of pace? Try fishing. You can find half day trips and full day trips. For information and rentals:

  • Robalo-One 661-0480
  • Carol Ann Charters 877-2181

    Maui is a wonderful place to become airborne. For information and rentals:

  • Parasail Kaanapali 669-6555
  • Hang Gliding Maui 572-6557

    This is a bumpy, tortuous road between Kahului and Hana. Although it is such an adventure to drive, it is know as the most beautiful drive in all of Hawaii. The road has over 600 twists and turns and 56 one-lane bridges. The drive takes a total of three hours and is 51 miles to Hana. It is recommended that you take a whole day to make the drive.


  • Maui Seaside Hotel (800) 367-7000
  • Banana Bungalow (800) 846-7835
  • Lahaina Hotel (800) 669-3444
  • Maui Islander Hotel (800) 367-5226


  • Pualima Place 667-2551
  • Lahaina Shores Hotel 661-4835


  • Tasaka Guri Guri Shop 871-4513
  • Siu's Chinese Kitchen 871-0828
  • Vineyard Tavern 244-9597
  • Sunrise Cafe 661-8558
  • Amilio's Delicatessen 661-8551
  • Lahaina Broiler 661-3111
  • Old Lahaina Cafe and Luau 661-3303
  • David Paul's Lahaina Grill 667-5117

    Many places claim the power to create memories that will last a lifetime, but few fulfill the promise like the Island of Maui. If itís relaxation you're after, we've got it, with near-perfect weather, great places to stay, uncrowded beaches and a setting that inspires awe and a sense of wonder. If you are looking for adventure and new experiences, we've got that too.

    Discover Maui, where whale-filled seas meet heavenly beaches. A place where the sun warms tropical trade winds that will blow your troubles away. Snorkel in crystal-clear waters or play golf on world-class courses of green, velvet perfection. Aloha and welcome to Maui, the Magic Isle.

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