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About Packing for Walt Disney World

Most airlines allow you to carry on two pieces of luggage that must fit in the overhead compartment or under the seat, but some airlines are cracking down and limiting the luggage to one carry-on bag. Carry on items that you couldn't live without - essential toiletries, a light jacket and your book to read. Check everything else.

Airlines have a lost baggage liability amount of $1,250. Anything more valuable than that should be kept with you.

Packing Tips:
  • Tourist culture abounds in Florida, and that means casual. Don't worry about bringing your best dress clothes.
  • Bring an empty zippered bag to bring home those Disney souvenirs.
  • Sun protection is essential. Sunburn is the number complaint at the first aid station at Walt Disney World. Sunglasses and a waterproof sunscreen at least 25 SPF will be needed. A brimmed hat helps a lot too.
  • Bring a poncho, rain jacket, or umbrella. It rains more during the summer than fall, and you will pay a pretty price for one at the park itself.
  • Bring two bathing suits and you'll always have a dry one.
  • Shoes: Bring at least two pair. One should be your most comfortable, supportive walking shoes for the Park, and another might be an older pair of tennis shoes which can be used at the water parks, or on the beach. Sand and pavement can get very hot.
  • Put leakable items in ziplock bags.
  • Bring a fannypack or backpack to carry at the Park.
  • Big T-shirts can double as nightshirts and sun cover-ups.
  • Disney World TIP: each child/adult MUST have their own belly pack. Why should Mom or Dad carry everything? Rule Number Two—put a small plastic bottle of spring water in each pack. When it’s empty, the person simply finds the nearest drinking fountain (they’re outside each restroom) and refills it. A cool drink of water is far more thirst quenching than a sugary soda.

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