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About Walt Disney World Hotels and Resorts

There are many lodging options within Walt Disney World, from the luxury hotels to the villas. A villa is an excellent choice for larger families and food can be prepared in the room, saving on expenses. You can bet that the expenses in Walt Disney World will be higher than the surrounding cities.

There are some compelling reasons for staying at the Walt Disney World hotels. The convenience can't be beat, and the security is top notch. Other considerations:

  • Reservations need to made six months in advance. The Central Reservation Operations phone number is 407 W-DISNEY (407) 934-7639.
  • Free unlimited transportation within all theme parks is included.
  • Some perks at Walt Disney World are available only to hotel guests.
  • ID cards are issued at check-in, which guests can use like a credit card to purchase food, souvenirs, instead of carrying cash. The total is then added to the hotel bill.
  • Hotel guests get into theme parks up to 90 minutes before the general public. The schedule for early entry is on a rotating basis: Magic Kingdom - Mon, Thur, Sat. Epcot Center - Tue, Friday. Disney MGM - Sun, Wed:

    Following are some of the highest recommended hotels in Walt Disney World for varying budgets.

  • Top rated luxury hotels are the Polynesian 407-824-2000 and the Wilderness Lodge 407 824-3200.
  • The best Epcot resort is Disney's Beach Club 407 934-8000
  • Best tennis and golf facilities: Disney's Contemporary Resort or Disney's Wilderness Lodge.
  • The budget hotels are the All Star Resorts (407) 939 5000 or 6000. Service might be less, but it is priced low with the early entry and transportation perks.
  • The best villa is the BoardWalk Villa (407) 939-5100 with its lively nightlife and great location.
  • Disney World TIP: Your hotel gift or sundry shop won't tell you about Turner Drug. If you're sick, the only way to go is to call Turner, pay the five bucks (how cheap!), and your meds will be billed to your Disney resort room. These guys saved my life when I came down with the flu! Their prices are a-ok, not jacked up for tourists or anything, and the staff was so helpful!

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