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About the Disney MGM Studios

MGM is a smaller park and transportation will mostly be your feet and legs. You can tour the backlots of actual movie sets in this working studio/theme park. Disney MGM studios can be mostly toured in one day.

Touring Tips:

  • Lines form very quickly for two of the most popular thrill rides: Twilight Zone Tower of Terror and Rock n' Roller Coaster. It is best to get at the park early and go to these attractions first. (Warning: not for young children.) With younger kids, head for Voyage of the Little Mermaid.

  • Pass up rides with long lines and come back later. It is easier to backtrack at this smaller park.

  • A blackboard at the end of Hollywood Boulevard states updated wait times for various attractions.

  • Must see: Great Movie Ride, Star Tours, Indiana Jones Stunt Spectacular, Fantasmic!

  • Indiana Jones Stunt Spectacular allows entry up to 5 minutes after the show. If there are seats, it's worth a try to avoid the long wait in line.

  • Fantasmic is a special effects show in the evening which draws huge crowds. During peak seasons you should get to a place near the lake 90 minutes prior to showtime, during off seasons one hour will do. Find a place to have dinner while waiting for the show.

  • If you are not a Walt Disney World Hotel guest, avoid going to those parks that allow early entry (certain days.) The lines will be formed before you arrive.

  • Make dinner plans by arranging priority seating at The Hollywood Junction Red Car Station, which has sample menus from all the restaurants.
  • Disney MGM Studios TIP: Having been in Disney during the summer, one thing is for sure - you can always count on a rain shower. Then it happens. Hundreds of people whip out rain ponchos or purchase ponchos - all clear! It can be near to impossible to locate a member of your party, especially one of your children, when everyone looks alike. Purchase rain ponchos at home in a bright color; red, blue, orange, lime green - anything other than yellow, and keep them with you for the inevitable - you'll be able to spot your party a lot easier.

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