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Online Travel

The four largest independent systems to purchase or research airfares are Cheap,, and Travelocity. These sites allow you to create an itinerary and then purchase the airfare online, by choosing the desired flight and airline. Click here for more cheap ticket info.

Unlike the system used by travel agents (called CRS Computer Reservation System,) the US Department of Transportation does not regulate websites. Why should that matter, you ask? Mainly because that means that the sites may be biased toward one airline over another, and they frequently are, depending on whom is advertising on the site. Sometimes the flight that comes up at the top of your search is not even remotely reasonable as far as number of stops, or time of travel.


Whether or not websites should be regulated is a controversial issue. However, there are things to remember when using the web as your travel agent:

  • Compare rates and flights from various websites as well as from travel agents or airline directly.

  • Purchase airfare far in advance of your departure time. This will get you the best price

  • Try to be somewhat flexible in days/times. Sometimes a day or two will make a big difference in fares.

  • E ticket purchases sometimes enables travelers to do "quick check-in" at the airline ticket counter, and avoid the lines.

  • Sign up at websites that will email you with specials for the places that you wish to go. See the airlines websites

  • Be aware that when purchasing airfare online, changes will be difficult if not impossible once the ticket is issued. Usually, there are no refunds or exchanges.

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